Debut novel by E.Detorres


About me

E.Detorres has worked in special education needs and mainstream schools which has inspired him to write about his experiences with unique people. His eclectic school experiences, from lunchtime supervisor to Assistant Head Teacher and Inclusion Manager, and his creative writing with English literature degree, and psychology masters has led him to write ARAYA—a thriller about the human condition. His passion for teaching influenced his psychology thesis in which he explored the phenomenon of flow experiences and the mental and emotional well-being of teachers.  He was awarded a distinction for his psychology thesis and he hopes that his research can improve the lives of teachers and the children they nurture. He considers himself a forever student who constantly seeks to improve himself and enrich the lives around him.


Ellis leads his Gundogs into Hell’s Heart, the forest that heeds its own gods and spits on the laws of men, to hunt Gluttons and shred their armour. But the deadly prey is not all they must contend with—Ellis’ Gundogs must battle The Song of the forest, and when The Song casts its rhythm into their bones, self-slaughter and murder are the only thoughts the Gundogs have left.

In Hell’s Heart, the trees are lord and master.

Dram, an imperious soldier commanding the forces of Spectre Alliance, appears in the Gundogs’ mountain stronghold at the moment when Ellis is fighting off The Song. Dram promises Ellis riches if he will venture into Hell’s Heart and use his specialist skills to retrieve a weapon that could end the war. Ellis accepts, knowing he must use all his training to endure The Song and get his Gundogs home. But as his mind disintegrates in the forest, he slowly succumbs to the madness spilling from the trees.
Araya is a work about the fragility of the mind and how emotional resilience can lead an individual to achieve great feats. It is a story of friendship and love, loss and madness, and that delicate balance between light and darkness which reminds us that we are made of flesh, and all flesh is doomed to die. A thriller about the human condition that explores the tyrannical hand emotions have over our decisions and quality of life, with prose that emphasises: we must be great with the time that we have.

Gundogs race against time in Hell’s Heart, because with every passing second the forest tightens its noose and sharpens its blade.